Christoph von Schmid Collection

By Christoph von Schmid
Level 10

Beloved nineteenth-century priest and teacher Christoph von Schmid had a beautiful and engaging way of teaching important moral principles. He believed children learn and cherish these truths best when taught by the examples of relatable and admirable characters. In this captivating collection of stories, readers come to know and love faithful Mina, whose simple, earthen water pitcher brings remarkable blessings; wise Frederic Vollmar and a sacred painting that reveals a generation-long mystery; and honest Mary, with her beautifully woven basket of flowers that both condemns and liberates her. Though they each face difficult trials, these characters learn the value of trusting and loving God completely and witness the blessings that come when they put Him before all else.

This book is integrated with The Good and the Beautiful High School 2 Language Arts Course. This book is also available for purchase as a PDF set at


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