Eagle Feather by Clyde Robert Bulla

Eagle Feather

By Clyde Robert Bulla
Level 3

This 87-page chapter book features large print and black-and-white pictures every 2–3 pages. Readers will learn about life on a Navajo Indian reservation. The official description reads: “Eagle Feather owes a debt to his father’s cousin, and must work it off during the summer. His father’s cousin mistreats him, and finally Eagle Feather can bear it no longer and runs away. Can the eagle feather he finds along the way really give him the bravery to endure the long and hungry journey?”

(Reviewed by Jenny Phillips)

Region North America, United States
Genre Fiction
The Good and the Beautiful Library No
  • 3 Entertainment Value
  • 3.5 Moral Value
  • 4 Educational Value
  • 2.5 Literary Value
Rating System