Mouse Scouts Series

By Sarah Dillard
Level 3

This lively and entertaining series follows Violet and her Mouse Scout friends, along with their leader, Miss Poppy. The group faces difficult situations and perseveres together to accomplish the tasks laid before them. This feel-good series is very relatable, as each Mouse Scout has different likes, dislikes, and levels of preparation, but they all work together at the Mouse Scout campout.

I read this aloud with my girls, and we couldn’t put this book down! We laughed, we were in suspense, and we thoroughly enjoyed the creative writing. The illustrations were also great and kept us interested. This would be a great story for a reluctant reader, as it’s a pretty fast read filled with action.

Books in this series we have reviewed and recommend: #2: Make a Difference, #3: Camp Out

Books in this series that are not our favorite: #1: Mouse Scouts (the scouts say unkind things about their leader behind her back throughout the book and it is never corrected)

(Reviewed by an Official Good and Beautiful Reviewer)

Series Yes
Genre Fiction
Digital Format E-book
The Good and the Beautiful Library No
  • E-Book
  • 4.5 Entertainment Value
  • 3.5 Moral Value
  • 3.5 Educational Value
  • 4 Literary Value
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