Neil Armstrong: One Giant Leap for Mankind

By Tara Dixon-Engel and Mike Jackson
Level 8

“He thinks, he acts, ’tis done.” This quote was in Neil Armstrong’s high school yearbook and describes him perfectly. Neil Armstrong: One Giant Leap for Mankind by Tara Dixon-Engel and Mike Jackson is a nonfiction book about the life of the first man on the moon. This fascinating, in depth look at the life of the Eagle Scout who was a hard worker and enjoyed life out of the spotlight, was an educational and incredibly interesting look into how the NASA program operates. There were fact boxes detailing information about the history of NASA and its many missions and programs. The reader is provided with plenty of photographs and an inside look at the history of America’s space travel, as well as the intriguing life of Neil Armstrong. I greatly enjoyed learning about Armstrong’s desire to have a quiet life out of the public eye while quietly advancing space travel. This is a must read for anyone interested in outer space!

(Reviewed by an Official Good and Beautiful Reviewer)

Region The United States
Period 1930-2005
Genre Biography
The Good and the Beautiful Library No
  • 4.5 Entertainment Value
  • 3 Moral Value
  • 5 Educational Value
  • 3.5 Literary Value
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