The Wishing Apple Tree by Jean Bothwell

The Wishing Apple Tree

By Jean Bothwell
Level 7

Summer is the happiest time of the year for Laurie Dodge, her siblings, and their cousin Philip; but one summer a boarder named Nora Cameron changes everything. The 11-year-old girl from the city is unfriendly and stiff all summer and ends her visit with an outburst, revealing that what she dislikes most about the town is the rundown, filthy chapel. The children see their chapel with new eyes and realize that to show their respect to God, and to make amends with Nora, they must make the chapel a beautiful house of worship again. The writing in this book was beautiful, and the characters and plot were well developed. This book is out of print but highly recommended.

Genre Fiction
The Good and the Beautiful Library No
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  • 4.5 Moral Value
  • 1 Educational Value
  • 5 Literary Value
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