Wings Like a Dove by Christine Farenhorst

Wings Like a Dove

By Christine Farenhorst
Level 9

This book tells the true story of a largely forgotten but important and heroic woman of the Reformation, Jeanne d’Albret, who becomes queen of Navarre. This powerful story is inspiring as it skillfully tells of Jeanne’s incredible courage and kindness in a time fraught with dangers and persecution. The plot is intriguing, and the story is packed with meaning and educational value. Even reluctant readers should love this book.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Catholic families may want to avoid this book as it has a very strong Protestant point of view.

Region Europe, France
Period 16th Century, 1500s
Genre Biography
Digital Format E-book
The Good and the Beautiful Library No
  • E-Book
  • 5 Moral Value
  • 5 Educational Value
  • 4 Literary Value
Rating System