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Read our top picks for American patriotic books from The Good and the Beautiful Bookshop and our free Book List! These wonderful, inspiring books about patriotism for kids feature exciting adventure stories that bring United States history to life. 

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              Patriotic Books from The Good and the Beautiful

Abraham Lincoln: by Wilbur Fisk Gordy

Written in 1917, Wilbur Gordy’s biography of Abraham Lincoln brings to life one of the great men of history. As the book travels through the life of Abraham Lincoln, from boyhood on up, valuable lessons are taught about wisdom, kindness, honesty, hard work, love of learning, and persevering through trials.

Baldy the American Eagle: by Mary Adrian

Come along for a ride spanning part of the life of an adventurous American eagle. Faced with challenges from nature as well as human influence, Baldy and his mate strive to find food, raise their young, and survive in their ever-changing environment.

Daniel and the Drum Rock: by Florence Parker Simister

Daniel Chapelier and his family have traveled from France to England to America, fleeing religious persecution and seeking land to call their own. When they finally settle in the colony of Rhode Island, they hope their trials are over. Can Daniel and his new Indian friend, Netop, find a way to keep the peace between the angry settlers?

Flag in Hiding: by Trella Lamson Dick

In 1777 Colonial America, the Stewart family finds themselves and their farm in the middle of a Tory stronghold in New York. Fourteen-year-old Randy Stewart is determined to help the Patriots and quickly finds himself in great danger. Surprise is around every corner in this beautifully written historical fiction book.

Girl with a Musket: by Florence Parker Simister

Eighteen-year-old Anne is faced with two choices: enter into the security of a happy marriage, like the other young ladies around her, or fulfill her patriotic desire to fight for her country. Posing as a young man, she enlists in the United States Army and joins the fight for freedom amid harsh conditions, dangerous missions, and even betrayal. 

The Mooring Tree: by Gertrude Robinson

Silas Ware and his son, Jason, had planned to sail to the New World together to claim the land granted to them in the Jamestown settlement. But when his father is wrongfully imprisoned, young Jason must embark upon the long and lonely journey without him. With help from some new friends, Jason is determined to build the life that he and his father dreamed of, hopeful that they will one day be reunited.

The Three Gold Doubloons: by Edith Thacher Hurd

This wonderful tale follows the adventures of a printer’s apprentice, Tom Cartwright, in colonial Williamsburg. Not only is Tom caught up in an exciting historical time period, but also in an engaging plot. With skillful writing, the author weaves in inspiring messages, such as how kind actions to those who don’t deserve them can come back to bless you in the most unexpected ways.

Zeke and the Fisher-Cat: by Virginia Frances Voight

Fourteen-year-old Zeke and his family leave the Plymouth colony to build a new life in the wilds of Connecticut. When Zeke and his younger sister are captured by Pequots, Zeke wonders if his new Mohegan friend, Nemox, will prove loyal. Follow the adventures of Zeke, his Native American friend, and the fisher-cat that they find in the forest.

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More Books About Patriotism for Kids…

Patriotic Books From The Good and the Beautiful Book List

Level 2

  • Childhood of Famous Americans (Ready-to-Read)
  • Prairie School
  • The Little-Known Heroes series

Level 3

  • A Place Called Freedom
  • Abe Lincoln—The Boy Who Loved Books
  • Lily and Miss Liberty

Level 4

  • Abigail Adams
  • Hannah of Fairfield
  • Martha Washington—America’s First First Lady
  • Patriots in Petticoats
  • The Courage of Sarah Noble
  • The Sign Painter’s Secret

Level 6

  • Drumbeats in Williamsburg
  • Silver for General Washington
  • The Winter at Valley Forge
  • Toliver’s Secret
  • Tree of Freedom

Level 7

  • America’s Story—The History of the Pledge of Allegiance
  • The American Twins of the Revolution

Level 8

  • Fair Wind to Virginia
  • John Paul Jones—The Pirate Patriot
  • Once Upon a Time—The Way America Was
  • Seven Miracles That Saved America
  • William Bradford—Plymouth’s Rock
  • William Penn—Liberty and Justice for All
Abe Lincoln

Level 9

  • 7 Tipping Points That Saved the World
  • The Swamp Fox of the Revolution

Level 10

  • Apostle of Liberty—The World-Changing Leadership of George Washington
  • Give Me Liberty—The Uncompromising Statesmanship of Patrick Henry

Level 11

  • American Classic Series
  • The Forgotten Founding Father—Noah Webster’s Obsession and the Creation of an American Culture
  • The Jefferson Lies—Exposing the Myths You’ve Always Believed About Thomas Jefferson

Level 12

  • The Domestic Life of Thomas Jefferson

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