Betsy Books (SERIES) by Carolyn Haywood

Betsy Books

By Carolyn Haywood
Level 4

Originally published in 1939, the first book in the Betsy series has never been out of print. The story follows sweet, adorable Betsy as she starts first grade. Her adventures, such as getting lost as she walks to school, are not fast-paced, but they are cute, uplifting, and wholesome—a beautiful look at the innocence of childhood. Children, especially girls, will probably like the book up through age nine. Any of the following books in the series are recommended. They do not have to go in this order, and books can be skipped, although this is the recommended order. However, you may have trouble finding some books in the series, as they are not all in print: “B” is for Betsy, Betsy and Billy, Back to School with Betsy, Betsy and the Boys, Betsy’s Little Star, Betsy and the Circus, Betsy’s Busy Summer, Betsy’s Winterhouse, Snowbound with Betsy, Betsy and Mr. Kilpatrick, Merry Christmas from Betsy, Betsy’s
Play School.

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