Child reading a book

Join The Good and the Beautiful Book Challenge

The most powerful way to teach a child is through example. Children learn so much more than you might realize through the examples in what they read, and they model the behaviors and language they read about.

Join The Good and the Beautiful Book Challenge using the steps below and become a “Good and Beautiful Book Parent,” meaning you are committed to being vigilant about the books you and your kids read!

There is an absolutely beautiful world of books out there—old and new—that teach respect, kindness, and honesty through wonderfully written, engaging, and inspiring stories. When you immerse your children in this kind of literature, over time you will see your children become more kind, more respectful, and more positive.

Take the Challenge!

  1. Fill in your email and hit the button that says “I Accept the Challenge!” You will receive an average of one email per quarter announcing new releases and exclusive promotions and providing your family with free resources. 
  2. This will begin your download of the Family Standards Plan and instructions. Fill it out with your family according to your own standards.
  3. Get rid of books in your home that don’t meet your standards, even if it is just temporarily boxing them up.
  4. Commit to having your family read only books that meet your standards for one year.

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