End of the Spear

By Steve Saint
Level 10

End of the Spear is quite an engaging book of amazing forgiveness and redemption. Steve Saint struggles to bridge the gap between the two worlds he lives in as he strives to help the Waodani tribe in the Amazon Jungle. To watch as not only Steve, but his wife and children, come to love these men and see them as family it is amazing. This book is also very insightful as to the fine line in mission work to teach about the the Lord, as well as skills that can help such tribes, without doing everything for them and causing them to become dependent on others. Also shared in the book are a lot of Saint’s thoughts and experiences regarding reaching and interacting with people of a very different culture than one’s own that are quite thought-provoking and would be profitable and recommended reading for anyone interested or involved in ministering cross-culturally.

Overarching the account is the reality of how God changed the hearts and lives of violent, hate-filled people. There is mention of nudity, but it is not graphic. It just explains how the tribe had once been before they chose to serve the Lord. There are references to violence when some of the Waodani share with Steve what happened to his father and companions in the 1950s. When the tribe does share it is with deep grief and sorrow. They are truly remorseful for what they had done.
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Region Ecuador
Period Modern
Genre Biography
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