Facts About Series

By Various Authors
Level 2

The books in the Facts About series are delightful introductions to animals and nature featuring engaging full-color photographs. Young readers will learn about the behavior, diets, and habitats of various animals all by themselves! These informative books give your second-grade readers a deep dive into the magnificent diversity of God’s amazing creations!

The Facts About series currently includes the following 5 books:
Facts About Cats & Dogs
Facts About Frogs & Snakes
Facts About Foxes & Deer
Facts About Sharks & Whales
Facts About Beetles & Butterflies
Stay tuned for more books to be released in the future!

The Facts About series are level 2A original publications perfect for children who have just completed The Good and the Beautiful Level 1 Language Arts Course. They can be read in any order.

(Reviewed by Jenny Phillips)

Series Yes
Genre Nonfiction
The Good and the Beautiful Library Yes
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  • 4 Entertainment Value
  • 1 Moral Value
  • 5 Educational Value
  • 4 Literary Value
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