Kisses from Katie by Katie J. Davis

Kisses from Katie

By Katie J. Davis
Level 8

Wow! This book was fascinating, life-changing, and bursting with both temporal and spiritual educational value. After Katie Davis, a homecoming queen and class president from Nashville, takes a short trip to Uganda over Christmas break during her senior year, her life is changed forever. She cannot ignore the needs of the people there and the feeling she has of her calling to help them. This marvelous autobiography tells Katie’s miraculous and courageous story as she leaves behind her life of popularity, wealth, and privilege to live among the people of Uganda, eventually adopting 14 children in desperate need and helping hundreds of more children to learn of Christ and receive food and education. This book made me laugh. It made me cry. It greatly expanded my mind and deepened my knowledge. It motivated me in a profound way to want to be a better person. I can’t recommend this book highly enough!

(Reviewed by Jenny Phillips)

Genre Autobiography
Digital Format Audiobook
The Good and the Beautiful Library No
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  • 5 Entertainment Value
  • 5 Moral Value
  • 5 Educational Value
  • 3.5 Literary Value
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