By Jennifer Berne
Picture Books

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in the ocean? Ever since Jacques Cousteau was a little boy, that is all he could think about. His dream was to become a manfish. Determined to find a way to breathe underwater, he spent his days creating and experimenting. He finally came up with his invention the aqualung which made it possible for him to breathe underwater and explore the lives of creatures and plants living there. He made a waterproof case for his camera and began filming the interesting things in the ocean. This made it so that anyone could enjoy the breathtaking sights that are found underneath the surface. His passion was to protect the beautiful ocean and help people experience the joy and adventure it brings.

(Reviewed by Kate Phillips)

Region France
Period 1900s
Genre Biography, Nonfiction
The Good and the Beautiful Library No
  • E-Book
  • 4 Entertainment Value
  • 3 Moral Value
  • 4.5 Educational Value
  • 5 Literary Value
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