Neaby by Elizabeth Yates


By Elizabeth Yates
Level 11

This warm, inspiring story—set in a rural New England village called Nearby—is brought to life through the eyes of Mary, the new teacher who devotes herself to changing prejudices and lifting her students’ minds and hearts to a higher place. With beautiful descriptions, award-winning author Elizabeth Yates weaves a complex plot packed with endearing characters and powerful messages.

Nearby is a wonderful example of literature that can address deep, mature issues―such as prostitution, suicide, neglect, and lust versus love―in a way that is not overly descriptive or dark, maintaining an underlying feeling of light and hope. Especially for older teenagers and adults, this clean language version of Nearby is a deeply inspiring book with one of the most beautiful, feel-good endings to a book I have ever read.” ―Jenny Phillips

Region North America, United States, New Englad
Genre Fiction
Digital Format Audiobook
The Good and the Beautiful Library No
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  • 5 Moral Value
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