Robert Rows the River, Carolyn Haywood

Robert Rows the River

By Carolyn Haywood
Level 4

Carolyn Haywood is one of my favorite authors for early readers. While many of her books are a part of a series, Robert Rows the River is a stand-alone. The book brings you back to the simple, wholesome summer adventures in times past with row boats, bicycles, and a wonderful tree house. The book has messages about friendship, not judging others, kindness, and love of learning. The book is about a boy named Robert who, during the summer, becomes friend with a gypsy boy and his monkey. They have adventures together, and Robert teaches him how to read in exchange for the gypsy boy teaching him to play the violin. This is a simple but wonderful story that should hold the interest of boys and girls.

Genre Fiction
The Good and the Beautiful Library No
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