Rolling Warrior

By Judith Heumann and Kristen Joiner
Level 7

This entertaining and honest biography about one of the most influential disability rights activists is written for older students. Readers eyes will be opened to the amazing things anyone can do when we fight not only for ourselves but also for each other. Rolling Warrior shares the life story of Judith Heumann who was paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair as the result of polio at 18 months of age. Follow her story as she fights for the rights of all people with disabilities, sitting in at the San Francisco federal Building and traveling to Washington DC to fight for the signing of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. There are explanations of the legislative process throughout the book so readers gain a greater understanding of how legislation and laws are passed.

(Reviewed by an Official Good and Beautiful Reviewer)

Genre Autobiography, Biography
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  • 4 Entertainment Value
  • 3 Moral Value
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