Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus

By Nabeel Qureshi
Level 12

This biographical book offers much to be gained in understanding Muslims and how they think along with the challenges they face in a journey to consider following Jesus and the impact on their lives of choosing to do so. The author shares much of his own thoughts, reactions, and struggles. A clear point is made, hopefully heeded by anyone interested in reaching out to Muslims, of the critical need to patiently build relationship out of which grows a place to have serious discussions. There is also a lot of dialogue between the author and his good friend and others with whom he interacted that gives insight and information into the history and defense of both Christianity and Islam. The book is very engaging and hard to put down! It’s as though Nabeel invites you into his home and you are able to see first hand his loving family, his wonderful upbringing, and the amazing struggle he went through as he sought to know the truth.

(Reviewed by An Official Good and Beautiful Reviewer)

Region Muslim World
Period Modern
Genre Nonfiction
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