The Cricket in Times Square by George Selden

The Cricket in Times Square

By George Selden
Level 6

This is a fun and wholesome book. The back cover reads: “Tucker is a streetwise city mouse. He thought he’d seen it all. But he’s never met a cricket before, which really isn’t surprising, because, along with his friend Harry Cat, Tucker lives in the very heart of New York City—the Times Square subway station. Chester Cricket never intended to leave his Connecticut meadow. He’d be there still if he hadn’t followed the entrancing aroma of liverwurst right into someone’s picnic basket.” The book supports loyalty and honesty. The books Chester Cricket’s Pigeon Ride and Harry Kitten and Tucker Mouse are also recommended.

Region North America, United States
Period 20th century, 1900s
Genre Historical Fiction
Digital Format a, e
The Good and the Beautiful Library No
  • Audiobook
  • E-Book
  • 3 Moral Value
  • 2 Educational Value
  • 3 Literary Value
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