The Happy Hollisters, Jerry West

The Happy Hollisters Series

By Jerry West
Level 4

The Happy Hollisters is a series of well-written, fun, wholesome chapter books written in the 1950s and 1960s. The series is about the Hollister family, nicknamed the “Happy Hollisters” by their neighbors. My 7- to 10-year-old children have loved these books, which portray kind, loving families and strong relationships with siblings. So far, we have only reviewed the first and second books, but there are a total of 33 books in this series.

Books in this series we have reviewed and recommend: The Happy Hollisters, The Happy Hollisters on a River Trip

(Reviewed by Jenny Phillips)

Series Yes
Region North America, United States, New York, Shoreham
Period 20th Century, 1900s, mid 1900s
Genre Fiction, Mystery
Digital Format Audiobook, E-book
The Good and the Beautiful Library No
  • Audiobook
  • E-Book
  • 4.5 Moral Value
  • 2 Educational Value
  • 3.5 Literary Value
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