The Next Fine Day by Benjamin D. Wicker

The Next Fine Day

By Elizabeth Yates
Level 7

I had to share this reviewer’s comments from because I agree with her, and it made me smile: “I would take this book with me if my house caught on fire. I keep it by my bed! This outstanding treasure of children’s literature is a too well-kept secret—a captivating story for readers of all ages. A rare treat for the senses, its descriptions are so vivid, the reader can feel the wind and breathe the air.” My teenage daughter and I have loved all the Elizabeth Yates books we have read (except for With Pipe, Paddle, and Song) but The Next Fine Day, is probably our favorite of all her books. The story tells of a lonely boy and his mother’s heartache and an artist who comes along and starts to change everything. Wonderful messages and lovely descriptions fill the book.

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