The Windy Hill by Cornelia Meigs

The Windy Hill

By Cornelia Meigs
Level 8

The cover of this book is not that exciting, but this book is a little-known treasure. Cornelia Meigs (1884–1973) is a wonderful, brilliant author of wholesome, classic literature. The Windy Hill, published in 1922, is a Newbery Honor book. The book features beautiful description and a rich vocabulary while telling an intriguing story that starts with Oliver and his sister visiting their Uncle Jasper out in the country. But their Uncle Jasper isn’t acting like he normally does, and Oliver wants to find out why. He meets and befriends a “Beeman,” who is a fantastic storyteller, but Oliver begins to realize there is more to these stories than just fun; they are connected to the mystery surrounding his Uncle Jasper. This book teaches about the power of family, integrity, loyalty, love, forgiveness, compassion, and repentance. It is available free on

(Reviewed by Jenny Phillips)

Genre Historical Fiction
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