The World I Live in & Optimism: A Collection of Essays by Helen Keller

The World I Live in & Optimism—A Collection of Essays

By Helen Keller
Level 10

This book is comprised of 15 very profound, inspiring, and worthwhile essays as well as a poem written by Helen Keller when she was a college student. Readers should be aware that in her adult life Helen Keller helped form the ACLU and was a self-proclaimed Socialist. Some argue that this is because Anne Sullivan’s (Helen’s beloved lifelong teacher) husband was a Socialist and encouraged Helen and that she was only exposed to what was given and what was said into her hand. Whatever the reason, these essays were before that time period and do not contain socialistic ideas. Even great people like King David made major mistakes later in life, but that does not mean we don’t love and study the story of David and Goliath. These essays by Helen are difficult but rewarding reading, offering eloquent and profound observations on gaining and maintaining happiness.

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