Treasure From Lake Titicaca

By G. S. McClellan
Level 5

Treasure from Lake Titicaca by G.S. McClellan is a fictional story with historical facts mixed in. Joey finds an old mailbox in his attic and receives a letter. The mailbox magically transports him to Bolivia, where Joey meets a new friend who needs his help. While there, Joey learns about the language, food, history, and culture. He also learns more about himself and what he is capable of. The combination of fantasy and history made for a quick, educational, and entertaining read and I look forward to continuing the series. 

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(Reviewed by an Official Good and Beautiful Reviewer)

Region Vermont and Bolivia
Period Present Day
Genre Fiction
The Good and the Beautiful Library No
  • E-Book
  • 3.5 Entertainment Value
  • 3 Moral Value
  • 4.5 Educational Value
  • 4 Literary Value
Rating System