Victory at Bear Cove- A Story of Alaska by Elsa Pedersen

Victory at Bear Cove—A Story of Alaska

By Elsa Pedersen
Level 8

Of all the dangerous creatures living in Kachemak Bay, the ones Joe Kalgin and his son Pete fear most are the men who threaten to take away their homestead. The land near Bear Cove has been in their family for hundreds of years, but some men try to cheat or take advantage of Native American families like the Kalgins. When the Nilsson family moves into the cove about a mile away, young Pete is torn between loyalty to his father and a desire for a richer, fuller life. When an even greater threat to Bear Cove begins to loom, Pete must find a way to unite his father and his friends to save the home he loves.

(Reviewed by Jenny Phillips)

Region Alaska, United States
Genre Fiction
The Good and the Beautiful Library No
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