Young Thomas Edison by Sterling North

Young Thomas Edison

By Sterling North
Level 6

This biography is a true nonfiction biography, not a fictionalized biography, that is written well and an interesting read. It is a very inspiring story in one sense: Edison was an incredibly motivated, hardworking man who pushed through many trials, such as losing his hearing and his hard-earned fortune. On the other hand, part of the story was very sad: Edison’s work and inventions seemed to absolutely consume his life and time, and family and other important things seemed to take a back seat. Also, he was, sadly, not a religious man. At first I thought I would not recommend this book because of those things. However, this book actually motivated me to want to work harder like Edison did, but at the same time, it served as a warning to be very careful not to let work or projects ever consume me like he did. I think people can learn from both his successes and weaknesses. You may want to do this as a read-aloud so you can discuss those things.

(Reviewed by Jenny Phillips)

Genre Biography
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