What children read molds and shapes not only their minds but also their hearts. The Good and the Beautiful is on a mission to bring beautiful, high-quality literature to all children. The resources below have been created just for you and your children to fill your homes with books of the highest quality. It is our hope that as children read and listen to these books, it will fill their hearts and minds with beauty and goodness.

good and the beautiful book blog

Good and Beautiful Book Blog

Resources and videos to help you fill your children's hearts and your home with uplifting, inspiring literature. Find powerful insights and research, personal stories, and other valuable resources on the Good and Beautiful Book Blog

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The Good and the Beautiful Library

The mission of The Good and the Beautiful Library is to give parents a place to buy books that are always clean, uplifting, and of the highest value. With over 200 books of all kinds, the Library is filled with wholesome, high-quality books, engaging and uplifting literature, and clean-language versions of worthy classics.

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