My Daughter’s Story

This is the story that truly started my entire journey to The Good and the Beautiful. It all began with an interaction with my daughter one day when she came home from school. I had a snack ready to go and was excited to see her and spend time together, but when I told her to come in the house before going to play with a friend, she rolled her eyes and walked away, saying, “I don’t need family time.” Keep reading to find out how The Good and the Beautiful Book List has grown into a list of 1,000+ recommended books for kids.

We were a family that studied the Bible, said our prayers, and while we weren’t perfect, my husband and I tried hard to teach our children good character. That night, I was cleaning in her room and found an open book. I picked it up and, right away, a couple lines caught my attention—they were about a girl who rolled her eyes at her parents and talked about how annoying her siblings were. 

I knew it was time for a change. 

Jenny Phillips My Daughter's Story

My daughter loved reading, so I made a list of books for her that were only reviewed and approved by me first. I wanted her to read books that were exciting but also taught conflict resolution in a positive way, were filled with strong moral values, and contained beautiful, thought-provoking imagery. It took two years before she even started thinking these types of  books were interesting! She was not happy at first, but I stuck with it. 

There is more to this story, which I share in the video below, but eventually her behaviors, words, and character completely changed. My daughter went from not wanting to spend time with her family to talking about raising her own future children to work hard and be a strong family unit. 

At 16 years old, while we were on a plane, she was reading a book from the late 1800s and loving it so much, commenting how the description in it was incredible. The woman next to us couldn’t believe it! 

All of my children have benefited from good books. Changing the books your children read can change their characters—and their lives. It is such a blessing to give our children good books, to help them learn and discern what is good and what isn’t. They will learn to see more beauty in the world, they will be more kind, and they will learn lessons of courage and strength through the rich literature they read. 

It was a lot of work to review all those books for my daughter, but I knew it was worth it. I kept thinking that I just had to give this list to other parents, because not everyone is able to put in the time to do this research. So I enlisted the help of others to read and review books, and for each one we added to The Good and the Beautiful Book List, there were 10, 20, even 30, we did not. And the journey has continued. 

Today, The Good and the Beautiful Book List features more than 1,000 book selections for all levels of readers, from preschool to teens, even adults! The latest edition can be found here, on our newly updated site dedicated to promoting good books and encouraging families in their reading adventures. I hope this list, inspired by my family’s journey, will be a blessing for your family. 

I know that by choosing to read good books, the character of your children—and your entire family—can be improved. You will have more respect, kindness, and love in your family, which will be paid forward for generations to come. 

To find more clean books with no profanity or inappropriate behaviors, browse The Good and the Beautiful Bookshop to find uplifting literature with clean language and character-building themes.

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Acy Hopkins

Does anyone know if the books by Lane Walker are good books?


are there any book options for children who like history books that are based on real life?


are there any options that are digital history chapter books?

Customer Support

Yes! The books from our Level 8 Book Studies can be purchased in a digital format. Additionally, you can find all of the required reading books to accompany the Language Arts Courses as PDFs on our website.


can you send me a link for books for a 10-12 year old?

Customer Support

Absolutely! We first suggest that you take the Placement Test on our website to determine the book level and then check out the books in our Library and on our Book List.


I need books that interest me and that are for ten to eleven year old girls.
Can you help me find age appropriate books for my young imagination?

Customer Support

Absolutely! First, start with the Placement Test on our website to determine the book level and then check out the books in our Library and on our Book List.


I have had a very similar experience with my son at his public school recently. The very first chapter in the book discussed the kid having a bad dream and not feeling like he can talk to his mom, and how he wished there was someone he could talk to. It was meant to steer children away from their family and from their belief in God. Because of this, and his teacher only referring to my son as ‘them/they’ He will NOT attend another public school here. We are now enrolling in the GOOD and Beautiful program!

Tina John

Hello, I would like to know if there are any books (to read) that we can download from TGATB for Level 3 amd Level 4. Preferably not from the course list but from the library? My daughter is in doing Level 3 and I would love for her to read more books outside the readers of her course book. Thank you!

Customer Support

Hi Tina! Thank you for your interest in our Library books! None of our Library books are available as a download, however, we would highly recommend the Badger Hills Farm series for your daughter to read. It continues the story of Timothy and Zoey from Timothy of the 10th Floor from the Level 3 course. We also have the Crooked Creek Ranch series of 2 books that is a wonderful series for Level 3 readers. You can find all of level 3 Library books here.